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Text 2 Customers will enable your business to expand and advertise
in a waysms marketing working for business graph that will take it to the next level. Advertising is the key to success for any company. To get your business recognized, to increase your clientele, and to increase your sales and revenue, sign up for Text 2 Customers’ mobile marketing platform. Text 2 Customers has the best prices, especially when you consider all the great features available. With Text 2 Customers you get the following:

• A SMS marketing campaign set-up quickly for your company
• An easy-to-use online platform to create your text advertisements
• Write out text alerts months in advanced
• Send as many texts as you desire
• Send text messages at a scheduled time and date, instantly or in a set order
• Your own business webpage to direct customers to sign-up for text alerts
• Double opt-in system to gain loyal customers
• Manage multiple advertising campaigns for your business
• Free mobile SMS marketing report available upon email opt-in
• And more!

Use Text 2 Customers as an opportunity to advertise through mobile SMS marketing.

Text message marketing is modern, efficient, and easy! There is no way you won’t attract many new clients while maintaining your current ones. Your ads will be delivered instantly to a wide potential clientele. SMS marketing is better than any other marketing media because it allows more people to see what your company has to offer. The 97% rate of readability cannot be topped. Not to mention, SMS marketing is a simple way to make customers aware of your existing advertising from other media. All the pluses to using text messaging as a means to advertise will ultimately increase your revenue and business recognition.

Text 2 Customers SMS Marketing is the premier low cost text message marketing solution!



SMS Marketing


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Why SMS Marketing Will Benefit Your Company

Businesses know the value of having a direct and impressive medium to market their services to new clients and potential business partners. However, some marketing methods have hindered companies from effectively expanding business, which include the following:

• Difficulty reaching new clients
• Costly yellow pages and newspaper classified ads
• Emails and mail to clients that go ignored
• Cold calls that are hung up on or sent to voicemail
• Expensive television, radio, and magazine advertising
• Phone number blockers/do-not-call programs
• Hard to measure results

Fortunately, there is now a solution and much better way to avoid these concerns and gain clientele with Text 2 Customers SMS Marketing Platform!

You can successfully advertise through SMS marketing and boost sales instantly while tracking responses as new clients ask for your services. SMS, or Short Message Service, is the most used feature on cell phones today. Our platform allows your business to send short text and numeric messages directly to customer’s cell phones at anytime you feel necessary.

Mobile SMS marketing is an original and complementary advertising platform that companies are just recently utilizing to engage customers.

It only makes sense to take advantage, get ahead of the rest, and allow your company to reap the benefits of effectively contacting more clients and getting your name and services out to your target market by using SMS Marketing.


SMS Marketing Features

With the Text 2 Customers SMS marketing platform, we give you the opportunity to maximize awareness of your business with ease and at low cost by providing mobile marketing services. Using the low cost, easy-to-use Text 2 Customers online platform, your business can increase sales by engaging customers through text alerts. Look at some of the many extraordinary features you can expect from Text 2 Customers when you sign your business up:

• Easy to Use
Your first SMS marketing campaign will be set-up in less than 15 minutes. Write out months’ worth of text alerts in advanced and never have to worry about them again. Schedule text alerts as far in advance as you want in seconds.
• Double Opt-In
To ensure that only subscribers that want your updates are entered, Text 2 Customers uses a double opt-in system in which a four-digit code is sent to the new subscriber to ensure the right person is added. This stops any accidental spamming.
• All Major Carriers Supported
AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, T-Mobile, Cricket, Virgin Mobile, and many more. We support over 95% of all U.S. carriers.
• Best Price Online
There are no per message fees or a limited amount of messages that can be sent. No set-up fees. Send a message every day of the month for less than a dime per customer.
• No Need for a Website
Text 2 Customers generates your own personal webpage to direct customers to sign-up. There is no additional cost associated with this program.
• Online Web Portal
Create campaigns, manage subscribers, manage campaigns, and create HTML codes for your website or social media page with nothing to save on your own computer. Everything is managed through our secure servers.

By subscribing to Text 2 Customers marketing platform, your business can flourish. This unique and efficient advertising platform will take you to new heights. No matter if you have ever had a well-strategized marketing or advertising campaign before or have ever sent a single text message before, the Text 2 Customers system is so simple to use. Our platform will work nonstop to increase your business leads and sales so you won’t have to.

SMS Marketing Benefits

When you see the many benefits of SMS marketing, it’s easy to tell how valuable implementing a SMS marketing campaign can be for your business. This is the leading edge of marketing that you can use right now to energize your business. By advertising via SMS, your business will possess the following benefits in marketing:

• Speed
Text messages are received almost instantly. For this reason alone, SMS messages are an ideal solution for sending out your company’s information be it product and services information, coupons for products, time-sensitive information, or other aspects that can benefit a business through timely delivery.
• Large Potential Clientele
Text messaging has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Research shows that more than half of all cell phone owners use SMS text messaging on a regular basis. Through SMS marketing, your business has the potential to reach thousands of people.
• Accessibility and Readability
As 97% of all text messages are read, your marketing message will be seen by nearly all of the people you send a text to. Out of every 100 people, 97 will see your advertisement compared to the 3-4% of people through direct mail and 27% with email. Over 80% of people will open your text advertisement within an hour of it being sent to them.
• Easily Integrated With Other Marketing
Link your SMS marketing to your existing newspaper and TV ads, billboard, or other traditional media. SMS marketing can benefit all your advertising venues.
• Qualified Recipients/ Double Opt-In
With subscribers who have opted-in to receive your offers and promotional messages after your initial text message about your business, you know they have an active interest in your business and its products and/or services.
• Flexibility
With text messages sent and received within minutes of starting your campaign, you can use mobile marketing for ad-hoc purposes, such as driving traffic to your store or website on slow nights (“Make a purchase within x hours, and receive a xx % discount!”) or clearing out overstock items before the end of month. (Here is a new “Blue Light Special”!)
• Range of Use
Mobile SMS marketing has a very wide range of purposes such as announcing new products and services, one-day specials, sales and clearances, limited-time offers, new store openings, special events, and more. Furthermore, subscribers can be treated as an exclusive group for offers and information that only they have access to. This can lead to increasing loyalty, purchases, and speed of communications.


Text 2 Customers stands by its low price but highly proficient marketing platform. To delegate these low prices, we have a simple, standard pricing list that will never change. The monthly price you pay for Text 2 Customers will adjust depending only on the number of clients who have opted to receive your continual ad updates. That’s it! With Text 2 Customers there are no pricing surprises such as the following:

  • No Set-Up Fees
  • No Contracts
  • No Credits to Buy
  • No Per Message Fee
  • Just straight forward pricing!
  • Monthly fee for Text 2 Customers service is based on the subscriber level of your company. The following list is the monthly fee “Subscriber Level“ pricing list:

    Subscriber Levels

    Monthly Fee











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